CMPSC 431W Database Management Systems

Fall 2016

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Penn State University


Hello! Welcome to the course of Database Management Systems. This course introduces the students to the designuse, and application of database management systems. Topics include: the relational data model, relational query languages, design theory, and conceptual data design and modeling for relational database applications. Broad introduction of database internal issues that is important to database designers (such as views, integrity constraints, triggers, authorization, data storage, indexing, query processing, and transactions) will also be covered. If time allows, we will consider some advanced topics.

At the completion of this course, the students shall have a good understanding of relational model, how to transform Entity-Relationship designs to relations, learn the standard query language for relational databases, i.e., Structured Query Language (SQL), and how to use a relational database system to create a database applications. Students will be expected to form project teams to design and implement database applications. In addition, as part of the University’s writing across the curriculum, students are expected to report their project in clear and well-written documents.

* This course is designed based on the past courses taught by Dr. Wang-Chien Lee.