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Selected Talks

  • Panelist: The Social Impact of Your PhD, Beyond the PhD: PhD and Postdoctoral Career Conference, Los Angeles, October 2022
  • Panelist: Future of Fashion with AR/AI, Fashion Tech Conference, San Francisco, April 2019
  • Keynote: Artificial Intelligence in Fashion, Fashion Technology Week New York, New York, September 2018
  • Fashion Meets Data Science, Fashion Technology Week New York, at 5th Avenue Microsoft Flagship Store, New York, 2017


  • When Fashion Meets Markeing Science, INFORMS Marketing Science, Philadelphia, June 2018

I recorded and uploaded one semester of my lectures on this YouTube channel. Feel free to browse and subscribe!

  • Fashion Prediction, December 2021, hosted by Kyle Polich [iTunes Podcast] [Spotify] [webpage]
  • InStyle: 結合數據與時尚的熱情!專訪數據科學家Yusan Lin, October 2019 [article]
  • Women Data Leaders, KDD Impact Progres, April 2018
  • TechOrange: 【台灣最美資料科學家】專訪林郁珊: 美國資工學生不只在意分數,更會思考如何學以致用, December 2016 [article]
  • The Amazing Women Who Have Inspired Us This Year, December 2016 [article]
  • Teen Vogue: Meet the Fashion Data Analyst Working to Predict the Next Big Trend, December 2016 [article]
  • This Girl Chose to be Someone Who Can Do Both, November 2016 [article]
  • Data Skeptic: Measuring the Influence of Fashion Designers, hosted by Kyle Polich [iTunes Podcast] [webpage]
  • I am a fashion model represented by the MDT Agency Inc. You can find my portfolio here.
  • I speak Mandarine, English and Japanese.
  • 2012 - 2018, Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • 2008 - 2012, B.S., Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Central University, Taiwan

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